Friday, November 16, 2012

PT002 - Lake Mary cs

Hello and welcome back to Planted Tapes! We're really excited to announce our next release, which is a new tape from SLC-based musician Lake Mary. Lake Mary is one Chaz Prymek, something of a vagabond guitarist/dronist who's counted several different cities as home over the past 12 months. Come December, he'll find himself settling down in Denver for a bit with longtime friend and oft-collaborator Jordan Knecht, who he shares a beautiful self-released split tape with from back in 2011. This release brings two recent compositions to tape for the first time: "Canopy" with its swells and swishes of breezy harmony and brassy drones, and "Mardotsha" on the flip, a fine example of Prymek's careful and delicate guitar work, intertwining folk stylings with a pastel undercurrent of gorgeous ambience.

As with our last release, we have a preview of both sides of the tape for you to stream directly below, a couple of buy links, and a quick back/forth with Prymek to give you a little background on this amazing artist. This c40 edition features cover art by Bethany DeMarco, lovingly home-dubbed and hand-assembled with the help of our buddy Joey Wiley.

• Edition of 70
• Tapes ship 11/27/2012
• $7.00 postage paid in the US & Canada

***SOLD OUT***
• $10.00 postage paid anywhere else

***SOLD OUT***

Where is THEE Lake Mary anyway?
Lake Mary (Chaz Prymek): Thee actual Lake Mary, at least the one that I reference, is up at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, UT. It's a place I hold very dear. Since I was a kid my dad would take us hiking up there, and we'd go on backpacking trips there and to the lakes around it as well. When I got older it became a place that my close friends and I would hike to and camp, go on dates, go swimming, fishing, it's an easy enough hike that you can lug a cooler and a tent up there without too much effort. At some point I spent around two months up there, collecting myself, purifying myself, sobering up, and learning. Some of the best times in my life have been up there.
(Here is a photo of it. I don't know who took the photo, but it's a good one)

Who or what is a Mardotsha?
LM: Mardotsha is also very special. She is a magic dolphin summoner. I could ramble on for paragraphs of our story, but if you are lucky enough to meet her, you'll see why. 

What's your favorite time of year and why?
LM: I'm going pull the "all seasons are my favorite" card, as a gardener, every season brings out such different and amazing food and plants. Winter is quiet in Utah, Fall is gorgeous everywhere, Summer is rad always, and Spring brings new life. It's great. 

If you were going to play the pieces from this tape in a live setting, what specific instruments would you require?
LM: I think, and this is where half of me wants to go, I would perform these pieces, either just solo guitar, or with a small string section and maybe my laptop. I've performed both live, but neither to the extent I'd like, yet.

What was the best album of the '90s?
LM: The Legendary Marvin Pontiac — Greatest Hits

Favorite plant?
LM: Rosemary, Ginger, Marijuana, Amaranth, I have a collection of succulents that I care for and love madly as well. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

PT_001 Sold OUT + Digital Album!

Hey there Planted followers! We are generally pleased and ecstatic to announce that we're all sold out of our first tape! We're hard at work on the next release, but in the mean time if you didn't get a chance to buy a tape from us directly, you can still check with either of the artists who appear on the split, or with our one and only distro thus far, the amazing Tomentosa.

If you strike out, please check out our freshly published Bandcamp page for digital purchase.

Thanks! We have lots more planned for the coming months, so stay tuned!

-Crawf & Jamie

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to Planted Tapes - PT001 - These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes split cs

Hey and welcome to Planted Tapes, a new label based in Denver, Colorado. We decided to start releasing some tapes of music made by some talented musicians we love. Questions? Hit us:

For our first release, we're pleased to present this split from Chicago's Zak Boerger (aka These Wonderful Evils), and Val Franz (aka Last Eyes). The tape presents two very different approaches to solo guitar, with Boerger's acoustic psych-raga meanderings and Franz's noisy and frenetic dose of ambient-punk. Original artwork by the Planted crew, and mastered for cassette by Brian Marcus.

We thought we'd introduce Zak and Val by asking them a few questions and sharing a couple of tracks from the tape. Enjoy the interview, check out the preview and get at us with an order if you'd like!

Thanks for visiting!

• Edition of 50
• $5.00 postage paid in the US & Canada


• $7.00 postage paid anywhere else


Describe the current climate situation where you're living at the moment.

These Wonderful Evils (Zak Boerger): D2 Drought - Severe.

Last Eyes (Valerie Kathryn Franz):  I'm living with 4 head-strong women and a baby dog on the west side of Federal. I hide in my cave a lot of the time. Plus, it's 30 degrees cooler down there than the rest of the house.

What are you reading?

TWE: Jim Thompson, South of Heaven and Iain Sinclair, London Orbital

LE: Get in the Van by Hennry Rollins, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (because the movie is coming out! and I'm a tool), The Walking Dead, and some mythology.

Describe where and how you recorded these tracks for the tape.

TWE: "Sandia" and "Tiger" at home, 2012; "Thus Pat Garrett on the Battlefield" at Harold Arts Poolhouse studio, 2011.

LE: I recorded some in the basement of said house and some in the church my Dad is a Pastor at - all on a digital 8 track.

Complete this sentence with one word: Memory is like _____.

TWE: Detroit, 1979.

LE: A blindfold.

Tell us the story of one of the song titles you chose for the release.

TWE: All the song titles are nods to either (or all of the above) Dylan, Fahey, Sam Peckinpah, and New Mexico.

LE: Well, all the songs are love songs about one person over the span of two years.

Favorite dinosaur?

TWE: Birds.

LE: Pterodactyl.

Favorite plant?

TWE: Anything that will keep growing in this heat.

LE: Palm Tree.