Friday, June 7, 2013

Vitamins - "Motions"

Why, hello there! A new tape from Planted Tapes? No. Not quite. Co-owner Crawf is in a band called Vitamins, who have a new tape. And co-owner Crawf is being kind enough to distribute the tape for his band on his own label's blogspot page. And why? Because co-owner Crawf wants you to have a copy, that's why. This one came together both over a long, long period of time (approximately two years from recording to dubbing), and also a very short time (i.e. we're putting them together tonight in preparation for a big gig that you're invited to, of course). In any case, our bassist/guitarist/engineer Matt Daniels poured his heart and soul into realizing this effort before he heads to Chicago to continue his musical pursuits elsewhere, and this could be the last time we work with him on a recording such as this, so we're really excited and a little sad to finally get it out there.

This album encompasses the last major recording sessions from Vitamins and includes some previously-released tracks as well as some never-before-heard jammers. It's a 36-minute record, presented as a double A-sided c72 tape. We had a lot of fun making it, and hope you all dig it too. Here's a couple of samples:

1. No Notion of Anything Only Whatever is What
2. Wee Mouse
3. Vimanas
4. Baby Cakes
5. Due Return
6. Liquid Crystals
7. Shape-shifter
8. Return of the Due Return
9. The Disappearance of David Lee Powell
10. Racey Bomber

Our buddy Joey Wiley helped us with the dubbing on this one again, and endless thanks are due to him. Also, many thanks to Liz Pavlovic for designing the j-card art on such short notice.

...Oh, you want to buy one now? Please do:

• Edition of 100
• Tapes ship 6/8/2013
• $9.00 postage paid in the US & Canada

• International customers: Please get in touch for rates.

Also: This is available for a pay-what-you-will download via Bandcamp: