Sunday, September 6, 2015

GOLDRUSH Music Festival 2015 Companion Cassette & Zine

Wow, long time no talk! Planted Tapes here (remember us?) with a big return in 2015 to bring you the next installment of the yearly GOLDRUSH Music Festival Cassette Companion series. This is year #5(!) for the Fest, and #4 for the Companion Cassette. We're all growed up! The event is taking place on September 18th & 19th, this time at The Savoy at Curtis Park, and we could not be more excited. We've yet again been afforded the wonderful opportunity to assemble a collection of tracks submitted to us from this year's line-up to give folks a nice little preview of what's to come. We think it turned out just fine, just fine, indeed!

And so here it is in all its glory: The Goldrush 2015 Companion, featuring new, exclusive tracks from folks like Landing, Guardian Alien, Tara Jane O'Neil, Benoît Pioulard, and more. Yes, you read all of that correctly, you can blink now. These two mixes of music were sequenced by Planted Tapes' own Crawf, and mastered for cassette by Lucas Johannes (who is also a member of American Culture, one of the bands represented on the tape, and also performing at this year's festival!). Artwork by our favorite design company Tiny Little Hammers. To say we're proud of this one is an understatement.... Take a listen below.

Side A:
1. Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk - Little Village
2. Bollywood Life - White Wall
3. Landing - Glow
4. Guardian Alien - female masturbation music
5. American Culture - My Teeth are Sharp
7. Benoît Pioulard - Needless to Say
8. Crown Larks - Pt. 4: Satrap
9. déCollage - Friendlings
10. Tara Jane O'Neil - Kelly

Side B:
1. Lawrence English - Coda for a Fading Tide
2. Bang Play - Push it Slow
3. More Eaze - Amicable Detentes
4. braeyden jae - A Joy of Hell
5. dugout canoe - ('-')
6. Yoni Wolf - Rifle Eyes
7. Lisa Prank - Passionate Kisses
8. Make-Overs - Post Show Hissy Fit
9. John Chantler - A New Power
10. Nevada Greene - A Love of Irrelevant Mind
11. The Space Lady - Who We Are is a Key

The GOLDRUSH Companion Cassette will be available at our Festival along with our custom limited edition Zine. You can get one of each by simply purchasing a 2-day pass to the fest for a cool $40 (which of course includes two days of amazing music, visual projections, access to a record fair, and a whole lot of love from yours truly):

The second way to secure a copy of this pro-dubbed, printed and packaged cassette tape is to order one from us directly below. You can do this a couple of different ways, by either buying the tape on its own, or bundling it with a copy of our 40-pg., hand-assembled Festival Zine, which features our schedule program and write-ups about the GOLDRUSH Music Festival sponsoring labels, all written and edited by our pals at Tome to the Weather Machine, and featuring some pretty amazing original artwork by Thaniel Ion Lee, and lovely layout work by Liz Pavlovic Design.

It should be noted that the tapes were provided by longtime GOLDRUSH sponsors/supporters National Audio Company - big thanks to them, as always!

• Edition of 300
• Tapes ship 9/28/2015
• $7.00 postage-paid in the US:

• Bundle with the Festival Zine for $15.00 postage paid in the US & Canada:

• Zine only, $10 postage paid in the US:

Here's a screen cap of one of the spreads in the zine: