Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to Planted Tapes - PT001 - These Wonderful Evils / Last Eyes split cs

Hey and welcome to Planted Tapes, a new label based in Denver, Colorado. We decided to start releasing some tapes of music made by some talented musicians we love. Questions? Hit us:

For our first release, we're pleased to present this split from Chicago's Zak Boerger (aka These Wonderful Evils), and Val Franz (aka Last Eyes). The tape presents two very different approaches to solo guitar, with Boerger's acoustic psych-raga meanderings and Franz's noisy and frenetic dose of ambient-punk. Original artwork by the Planted crew, and mastered for cassette by Brian Marcus.

We thought we'd introduce Zak and Val by asking them a few questions and sharing a couple of tracks from the tape. Enjoy the interview, check out the preview and get at us with an order if you'd like!

Thanks for visiting!

• Edition of 50
• $5.00 postage paid in the US & Canada


• $7.00 postage paid anywhere else


Describe the current climate situation where you're living at the moment.

These Wonderful Evils (Zak Boerger): D2 Drought - Severe.

Last Eyes (Valerie Kathryn Franz):  I'm living with 4 head-strong women and a baby dog on the west side of Federal. I hide in my cave a lot of the time. Plus, it's 30 degrees cooler down there than the rest of the house.

What are you reading?

TWE: Jim Thompson, South of Heaven and Iain Sinclair, London Orbital

LE: Get in the Van by Hennry Rollins, The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien (because the movie is coming out! and I'm a tool), The Walking Dead, and some mythology.

Describe where and how you recorded these tracks for the tape.

TWE: "Sandia" and "Tiger" at home, 2012; "Thus Pat Garrett on the Battlefield" at Harold Arts Poolhouse studio, 2011.

LE: I recorded some in the basement of said house and some in the church my Dad is a Pastor at - all on a digital 8 track.

Complete this sentence with one word: Memory is like _____.

TWE: Detroit, 1979.

LE: A blindfold.

Tell us the story of one of the song titles you chose for the release.

TWE: All the song titles are nods to either (or all of the above) Dylan, Fahey, Sam Peckinpah, and New Mexico.

LE: Well, all the songs are love songs about one person over the span of two years.

Favorite dinosaur?

TWE: Birds.

LE: Pterodactyl.

Favorite plant?

TWE: Anything that will keep growing in this heat.

LE: Palm Tree.