Friday, September 5, 2014

GOLDRUSH 2014 Companion Cassette + Zine

Hello again from your friendly friends at Planted Tapes! We'd like to welcome you to a very beautiful September that's shaping up here in Denver, CO. And of course September in Denver, CO means that we are feverishly gearing up for yet another installment of GOLDRUSH Music Festival, that mega, monolithic event taking place September 13th & 14th at the Larimer Lounge and Meadowlark Bar! To celebrate, the organizers of GOLDRUSH have again assembled a collection of tracks submitted by this year's performance roster, which has culminated in a 24-track mix we're happily able to distribute to the masses.

And so... BEHOLD: The Goldrush 2014 Companion, which features new tracks from Mount Eerie, REIGHNBEAU, Sparkling Wide Pressure, Champion, Kevin Greenspon, an exclusive remix from clipping. by Lauren Bousfield, Sister Grotto, Trabajo, Stag Hare, and much, much more. This mix was carefully sequenced by Planted Tapes' own Crawf, and was mastered by Lucas Johannes. Artwork by our favorite design company Tiny Little Hammers. We're quite proud of this one, no joke. Take a listen below to Side A:

Side A:
1. Sparkling Wide Pressure, "Violet Color"
2. Champion, "Frosting the Donut"
3. Guerilla Toss, "The String"
4. REIGHNBEAU, "Milk of Amnesia"
5. CP 208, "H.S.H.C."
6. Homebody, "Hollow Nest"
7. RUMTUM, "Hotel Vontie"
8. Docile Rottweiler, "Typhoon"
9. Stag Hare, "Gruum"
10. Mount Eerie, "You Swan, Go On (version)"
11. Good Willsmith, "Teen Quotes"
12. Sister Grotto, "The Great Haul"

Side B:
1. Dva, "Zoppe"
2. clipping., "Body & Blood" (Men, Women, and Chainsaws edit by Lauren Bousfield) 
3. Kevin Greenspon, "A Step Towards"
4. Trabajo, "Ronggeng"
5. Fingers of the Sun, "Meow" (an Image of Venice in Tatters)
6. Mezzanine Swimmers, "Sterile Sublimity"
7. Church Fire, "Violence"
8. Braeyden Jae, "It Was Shedding"
9. The Howling Hex, "Lord Gloves #3" (Ballas Mix)
10. Aja Vision, "Body2Body"
11. Thug Entrancer, "Terrain"
12. The Horse Latitudes, "Bees"

This item, along with our custom Festival Zine, are now up for pre-order and will ship promptly as soon as the festival has passed and I have a chance to catch my breath. There's a couple of different ways you can procure a copy of each or either, the best of which is to just come to the show. Every 2-day presale pass comes with a copy of both the 'zine and a cassette. You can purchase those for $25 right here:

The second way to secure a copy of this National Audio Company-provided beauty — a pro-dubbed, printed and packaged cassette tape — is to order one below. You can do this a couple of different ways, by either buying the tape on its own, or bundling it with a copy of our 44-pg., hand-assembled Festival Zine, which features our schedule program and write-ups about the GOLDRUSH Music Festival sponsoring labels, all written and edited by our pals at Tome to the Weather Machine, and featuring incredible original artwork by Brandon Locher of My Idea of Fun.

• Edition of 500
• Tapes ship 9/15/2014
• $7.00 postage-paid in the US:

• Bundle with the Festival Zine for $15.00 postage paid in the US & Canada:

• Zine only, $10 postage paid in the US:

Here are a couple of pages from the zine:

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